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(304) 769-0200
800 Nitro Mkt. Place
Crosslanes, WV
Recycling Services
Recycling Desk
$3 Ink & Toner Credit
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-9:00pm Sat: 9:00am-9:00pm Sun :10:00am-6:00pm

Franklin Interiors
(304) 840-3363
106 Leisure Lane
Huntington, WV
Campbell Business Machines
(304) 949-3866
Belle, WV
Lewisburg Office Equipment
(304) 645-4014
Ronceverte, WV
Bms Inc
(304) 455-0026
New Martinsville, WV
(304) 744-4774
2810 Mountaineer Blvd
Charleston, WV
Recycling Services
Recycling Desk
$3 Ink & Toner Credit
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-9:00pm Sat: 9:00am-9:00pm Sun :10:00am-6:00pm

Capitol Business Interiors
(304) 233-8880
Wheeling, WV
Aaron'S Products Inc
(304) 522-7022
Huntington, WV
Presort Plus Inc
(304) 424-7325
Parkersburg, WV
Office Shoppers Paradise
(304) 599-4602
Granville, WV

Creating an Office Oasis

The more time you spend on the job, the more important it is to make sure your workspace is designed with your health and well-being in mind (to say nothing of your productivity and effectiveness). Here’s how to create an environment that lets you work at the top of your game.

By Marissa Candela

June 2007

Long ago, our bodies were fully utilized as we hunted and gathered to make ends meet. We were in constant motion, with legs running free and minds jumping from one survival task to the next. We fed ourselves with foods directly from the earth, our lungs breathed fresh, clean air and our senses were indulged with ever-changing sights and sounds.

Fast-forward thousands of years—to make ends meet, modern man (and woman) is now placed indoors in a hermetically sealed building with stale, allergen-ridden air. Seated in an unnatural position in a cramped office or cubicle, deprived of natural light, he works eight to ten hours at a desk, five days a week. As he shrugs off breaks to meet deadlines, work-related stress takes its toll on his well-being in body and mind. An unhealthy office environment exacerbates matters by contributing to “sick building syndrome,” where office workers suffer drowsiness, viruses and other irritations that can impair physical and mental health and reduce productivity.

But just as we take the time to enhance our home settings, we can take steps to create an appealing, healthy office environment. After all, many of us spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else! Follow these steps to create an “office oasis” and your workspace can be a warm, inviting and healthy environment for job satisfaction and peak productivity.

Step 1: Aromatherapy Makes Scents

A whiff of a pleasant scent can bring us back to a certain place and time, evoking positive emotions and wonderful sensory experiences. Aromatherapy, the practice of promoting physical and psychological well-being through the use of natural essential oils, can rejuvenate the mind, improve concentration, boost productivity and even help mellow you out during a stressful period at work. The following essential oils hold especially appealing aromatherapy benefits for getting through the workday:

∗Rosemary—Improves confidence, perception and creativity; good for mental strain, exhaustion and lethargy.
∗Peppermint—Counteracts mental fogginess and lack of focus; its dualistic action can stimulate the mind and calm the nerves.
∗Lavender—Calms and balances strong emotions such as frustration and irritability, allowing for full creative composure and expression.
∗Geranium—Instills a feeling of calm strength and security, particularly when nervous exhaustion is due to stress and overwork.

To receive these essential oils’ aromatherapy benefits, try compact electric room diffusers, room misters or simply inhaling a few drops of oil that have been placed on a hanky. Treat yourself to little olfactory escapes through...

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