Nutritional Supplements Sand Springs OK

Local resource for nutritional supplements in Sand Springs. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to pharmacies and health stores, as well as advice and content on proper nutrition.

Walgreen Drug Stores
(918) 246-0881
405 E 2nd St
Sand Springs, OK
Spoon Drug
(918) 245-9693
540 Plaza Ct
Sand Springs, OK
Dooley Pharmacy
(918) 446-4524
4120 S 25th West Ave
Tulsa, OK
May's Drug Stores
(918) 592-6297
1437 S Boulder Ave Ste 1100
Tulsa, OK
May's Drug Stores
(918) 749-4601
1330 E 51st St
Tulsa, OK
Med-X Drug
(918) 245-6661
3989 S Highway 97
Sand Springs, OK
Ken's Pharmacy
(918) 445-0370
3319 W 45th St
Tulsa, OK
May's Drug Stores
(918) 445-1175
5626 W Skelly Dr
Tulsa, OK
Asc Medication Assist Company
(918) 746-3800
2761 E Skelly Dr
Tulsa, OK
Couch Pharmacy
(918) 743-6154
2602 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK

Vision Quest

Of all the senses, sight may be our most precious gift, but it isn’t immune to
the ravages of light and time. Learn how a variety of nutrients and supplements can help
you fight age-related vision problems and keep your eyes healthy and strong.

By Stephen Hanks

October 2006

I didn’t really believe the Baroness, so I decided to give her a little test. A couple of months before, I had interviewed the 77-year-old, but still youthful, Benita von Klingspor, a certified nutritional consultant from California (who grew up a baroness in Austria), for an Energy Times piece on “Aging with Attitude.” I was surprised to learn that although nearly 80, the baroness claimed to have “perfect vision” for everything except driving her car (for which she needed distance-vision glasses).

Being a skeptical (and sometimes mischievous) editor, when I met Ms. von Klingspor at a natural products trade show last March, I enthusiastically handed her the issue with her interview. “She’ll have to pop on some reading glasses to read that small type,” I thought as she started scanning the story. Paragraph after paragraph went by and she never reached for the specs. Somehow the baroness had managed to escape the ravages of age-related vision loss. How was it possible? She eagerly told me that her secret was the diligent taking of nutritional supplements, especially her own personal wonder nutrient—lutein.

“I have been supplementing with lutein for several years,” she explained, “and even though my vision was always good, it became even more clear with lutein. One time when I was traveling I couldn’t take it for about a month and I soon noticed that I was unable to read the very fine print on some vitamin bottles that I usually had no trouble reading. This continued for about three weeks until I was able to purchase lutein again. Within days, I was able to read the small print. I recommend lutein to all my clients and they have noticed great improvement in their vision.”

Nothing can make you feel older (except perhaps for creeping arthritic conditions and looking at family photo albums) than having vision problems after you’ve seen pretty clearly your whole life. And millions of middle-aged and senior Americans are suffering from the big three age-related eye disorders and causes of vision loss—macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. But unlike near- and far-sightedness (which require glasses or contact lenses and now can be corrected through laser surgery) and presbyopia (which necessitates the need for reading glasses once people hit their 40s), the onset of the Big Three can be delayed, and their severity minimized, by getting nutrients (through both food and supplements) that strengthen vision.

The Vision Triple Threat

While cataracts and glaucoma are the eye maladies that get all the press, age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) has become the leading cause of blindness in Americans 65 and older. This disease affects 1.75 million peopl...

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