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Local resource for home gym equipment in Ft Mitchell, KY. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to exercise balls, rowing machines, weight benches, treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical cross trainers, as well as advice and content on weight lifting equipment.

Curves For Women
(859) 331-3111
Ft Mitchell, KY
Louisville Athletic Club
(502) 412-4522
9463 Westport Rd
Louisville, KY
Xtreme Fitness
(270) 384-0334
1411 Campbellsville Rd
Columbia, KY
Jim Cain's Mid City Fitness and Tanning
(502) 458-7282
1250 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY
Campbellsville Health & Fitness
(270) 789-6822
14 Central Shopping Ctr
Campbellsville, KY
Fitworks Fitness Centers
(859) 344-9995
Ft Mitchell, KY
Owl Creek Sports Center
(502) 245-5674
10607 Hobbs Station Rd
Louisville, KY
Lord's Gym
(606) 376-7100
200 Old High School Rd
Pine Knot, KY
Bellarmine Tennis Club
(502) 452-8312
1900 Norris Pl
Louisville, KY
Millies Total Fitness
(502) 732-6747
1115 Highland Ave
Carrollton, KY

Well Equipped

There’s no place like home, as the old saying goes, especially if you want
a gym setup that’s tailored to your needs and readily accessible 24/7.
But with a ton of available equipment options, where do you start?
Simple—look for the types of hardware that will best help you
achieve your fitness goals.

April 2008

At first glance, it would appear that Americans are sweatin’ up a storm at the local gym. In 2006, more than 41 million people spent almost $16 billion on memberships and other services, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. But dig a little deeper and a different picture emerges: Out of those 41 million, only 17.6 million logged more than 100 days a year. Hmmm.

The rest of those gym members probably signed up with the best of intentions, but we all know that intent and action aren’t always in sync. There’s the usual excuses—no time, bad weather, my favorite TV show is on, etc.—but that doesn’t stop exercise from being a health necessity.
One answer is to set up a home gym with both aerobic (heart-pumping) and resistance (strength-building) equipment. Here are some basics to get you started.


How It Works: Cross a treadmill with a stair stepper and you get an elliptical trainer. It gets its name from the pattern in which your feet move, as opposed to a stepper’s up-and-down motion.
Benefits: Provides a good cardio workout, especially if you use the arm handles, with less stress on touchy joints.

Workout Notes: Make sure the model you buy is matched to your stride length (some models will match it automatically). Keep your back straight and your weight evenly distributed over the heels and balls of your feet.

Weight Machines

How It Works: These devices provide calibrated resistance via either weight stacks or plates, or bands.
Benefits: Lets you lift weights in a controlled manner.
Workout Notes: Look for models that allow both leg and arm exercises. If you’re new to lifting, use a lighter weight until you get into a routine.


How It Works: An electrically driven belt provides the walking surface; most models offer elevation as well.
Benefits: Lets you take a nice hike or jog no matter what the weather is doing outside.
Workout Notes: If your knees are creaky, increase the degree of incline instead of your pace.

Free Weights

How It Works: Weights lifted without mechanical assistance. Benches—either flat, inclined or seated—allow you to perform a greater range of exercises.
Benefits: Helps you increase muscle tone, definition and strength. Remember, more muscle = higher metabolism = more calories burned.
Workout Notes: Proper form is important to avoid injury and get results (a personal trainer can help). For safety try to work out with a buddy who can spot you, making sure the weight doesn’t fall; a spotter bench provides extra security.


How It Works: This category takes in a lot of territory,...

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