Herbal Detoxification Concord NH

Local resource for herbal detoxification in Concord, NH. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to herbalists, natural colon cleanser, natural liver cleanser, and detox programs, as well as advice and content on body cleaning treatment, herbal detox products, and natural treatments.

Alan Gaby
(717) 249-5403
12 Spaulding Street
Concord, NH
Membership Organizations
American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

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Marcy Mikutowicz
(603) 748-2920
Concord, NH
Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Medium
Membership Organizations

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Lisa Schermerhorn
(781) 718-9288
Concord, NH
Lisa Schermerhorn
(781) 718-9288
Concord, NH
Amala Wellness
(978) 376-2871
152 South Mast Street
Goffstown, NH
Ayurveda, Massage, Yoga
Professional Memberships
National Ayurvedic Medical Association

Donna Liolis
(603) 934-4810
179 Webster Ave.
West Franklin, NH
Membership Organizations
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT)

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Paul Smith Counseling
(603) 226-6609
2 Union Street
Concord, NH
Paul Smith Counseling
(603) 226-6609
2 Union Street
Concord, NH
Lisa Schermerhorn Energy Medicine
(781) 718-9288
188 N. Main St
Concord, NH
Hypnosis,Past Life Regressions, Reiki Master, EFT
Certifed Hypnotist, Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, Reiki Master William Lee Rand
Professional Memberships
National Guild of Hypnotists

Kathy Young Therapeutic Massage & Hypnosis
(603) 623-9900
46 Holly Street
Manchester, NH
Hypnosis, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Massage, Reiki
Certified Consulting Hypnotist, LMT
Professional Memberships

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Detoxing Naturally

Cleansing nutrients that can help you feel refreshed and renewed

October 2009

Detoxification, cleansing routines designed to reduce the body’s toxic load, has long played an important role in traditional healing. People undertake a detox protocol for any number of reasons, from improving overall well-being to dealing with specific complaints, such as fatigue. Detoxification has also been seen as a good way to jump-start a weight loss program. According to Brenda Watson, CNC, author of The Detox Strategy (Free Press), toxins can hinder “your ability to achieve an ideal weight in three big ways: Slowing down your metabolism, decreasing your ability to burn fat and slowing down the time it takes for you to feel full.”

One reason to detoxify lies in the polluted nature of our environment. As Watson notes, “Myriad products we use daily can harbor toxic substances that our bodies absorb little by little over time,” such as pesticide residues and industrial chemicals found in everyday items. Add the toxic effects of stress and poor diet, and it’s no wonder detoxification is such a popular option.
Turn the page to learn about nutrients and herbs long used in detox routines.

Supplement What It Is Detoxifying Actions
Açaí A Brazilian berry that’s quickly
becoming popular in the US
Supplies high levels of antioxidants; helps feed probiotic organisms
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) An antioxidant used to create
energy; available with R-lipoic
Helps increase glutathione, the body’s
own antioxidant; protects the liver
Burdock A large thistle long used in herbal medicine Increases urine output; traditionally
regarded as a blood cleanser
Cat’s Claw An woody rainforest vine; also
known as uña de gato
Long used as a bowel detox agent by
traditional healers; helps fight viruses
Dandelion A flowering annual often seen
as a lawn weed
Diuretic that also encourages bile flow,
which helps detoxify the liver
Fiber Parts of edible plants that stay
within the digestive tract
Term covers a number of substances that perform different functions
A fiber found in oats, barley and medicinal mushrooms Adheres to fat, carrying it out of the
colon; helps lower cholesterol
Fructo-oligosaccharides, a mildly sweet fiber Helps feed friendly probiotic bacteria; enhances mineral absorption
One of the first medicinal plants brought to the US Promotes bowel regularity; helps
protect the intestinal walls
A fiber found in avocados, rice bran and soybeans Helps remove fat from the intestines and lower cholesterol
Garlic A pungent bulb used in cuisines around the world Bolsters immunity and acts as an anti-
microbial agent; lowers blood fats
Green Foods Includes the algae spirulina and chlorella, cereal grasses Concentrated nutrients promote
purification and rejuvenation
Irish Moss

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